All sales are subject to, and expressly conditioned on, these Terms and Conditions and the Customer assents to these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are binding and any additional or inconsistent terms and conditions in any acknowledgement, purchase order, or acceptance documents requested from or provided by the Customer are expressly rejected. No variation of these Terms and Conditions is binding on CHROMACHEMIE LABORATORY PRIVATE LIMITED (CCL) unless agreed to in writing and signed by an officer or other authorized representative of CCL.

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders may be placed by Customer in any commercial manner that Customer and CCL determine is appropriate, including facsimile or electronic submission. All purchase orders are subject to acceptance by CCL. Any contingencies contained on such purchase orders are not binding on CCL unless agreed to in writing and signed by an officer or other authorized representative of CCL. Customer is financially responsible for duplicate orders in the cases such as - when confirming orders not clearly marked as confirming while details are sent to CCL or when submitting the same order multiple times (e.g., via phone, fax, email or any combination thereof).

Prices and Package Sizes

All Product prices, surcharge, and freight charges are subject to change without prior notice by the CCL. CCL will honour all CCL price quotes through the expiration date on the quote. All package sizes are subject to change without prior notice.

Goods and Service Tax (GST)

All orders will be subject to Goods and Service Tax (GST) unless the Customer has submitted the exemption certificates along with the purchase orders.


Payment terms for all products are as per the agreed payment terms, based on the approval by CCL’s Credit Department. Customer shall pay all applicable taxes, freight charges and customs duties (wherever applicable). If Customer fails to make the payment when due, interest at 18% p.a. will be charged on overdue outstanding amount due or the maximum interest rate allowed by law, whichever is less.

Availability and Back Order Fulfilment

Customer agrees that all orders received by CCL are subject to its acceptance in its sole discretion. CCL shall use reasonable efforts to fulfil Customer’s orders with due regard to availability, demand, and inventory on hand. CCL will automatically ship any back order that becomes available within thirty (30) days of the order date. After thirty (30) days, Customer will receive the Notice of Availability. Customer has forty-five (45) days to respond to the Notice of Availability or the order will get cancelled automatically.


All products purchased by Customer will be shipped to the delivery address. Risk of loss if any pass on to Customer upon delivery of the product to the first carrier at CCL’s shipping point.

Returns and Cancellations

All sales of products are final. Return of products for exchange or refund will not be accepted. CCL is not responsible for items damaged during delivery, but CCL may consider claims for damaged goods if they are submitted to CCL within 3 days of receipt and substantiated to the satisfaction of CCL. Before submitting a claim for consideration by CCL, Customers must refer to the Return Policy. Orders placed, but on hold by CCL due to Customer’s credit history must be cleared by the Customer within credit period to proceed with dispatches. Orders not cleared are subject to automatic cancellation which requires Customer to reorder the required products once again.

Return Policy

If a product is eligible for return, please follow these instructions to avoid undue delay in processing:

  1. Written authorization is required for all eligible product returns and requests. Please contact the customer service department for the return instructions.
  2. The products should be accompanied with the Debit note/ Gate pass. E-waybill is mandatory if the product value is more than INR 50,000.00.
  3. Products returned without the written authorization and return documents may not be accepted which may delay the process.

The above return policy is not applicable for foreign customers, as CCL does not accept the return of products exported.


CCL reserves the right to change the shipping method of any order. CCL will not ship any products to post office boxes. CCL will attempt to honour Customer requests for special packaging and shipping. However, CCL reserves the right to package and ship orders in accordance with local and/or legal requirements. CCL does not accept responsibility for damage to orders shipped on dry ice or cold pack caused by loss of refrigeration prior to receipt by the Customer. CCL does not accept responsibility for damage to the products shipped on dry ice or cold pack upon Customer request. CCL reserves the right to choose between ground shipping or express shipping, based on the best logistics for the products ordered.

International Orders

Incoterms is EXW or CPT. International Customers are responsible for paying all customs duties, taxes, or tariffs levied for importation of products from CCL. For customers that choose CPT terms, CCL will prepay and add the freight charges to the invoice.

Applicable Law

The products and services offered by CCL are governed by Indian Laws and any dispute is subject to Bangalore, Karnataka, India jurisdiction only.

Entire Agreement

Nothing contained in any purchase order or Customer document will in any way serve to modify or add any terms or conditions to the sale of product by CCL to the Customer other than these Terms and Conditions. The parties agree that the terms and conditions of any order for product placed by any Customer shall be governed only by these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are a full and complete statement of the obligations of the parties relating to the subject matter hereof and supersede all previous agreements, understandings, negotiations, and proposals. No provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed as waived, amended, or modified by any party unless such waiver, amendment, or modification is in writing and signed by an officer or other authorized representative of both the parties.