Discover your career at Chromachemie

A growing and curious team

  1. The nature of work as well as an environment that celebrates the spirit of scientific enquiry provide continuous learning opportunities.
  2. On the job learning is complemented by training sessions and upskilling opportunities.
  3. Chromachemie is a popular place for interns from the best science and technology colleges in India, due to the exposure to be gained and teaching culture. Our internship programs encourage curiosity and upscale knowledge. They include both formal and informal interactions, and explore to the whole business from our labs and state-of-the-art equipment to customer delivery.
  4. Orientation programs are conducted on each department, to explain the procedure, how to use systems which are methodical. Weekly trainings are conducted on critical aspects such as safety and handling chemicals etc. to avoid accidents, and keep on track with business performance.

Scientifically inclined environment with state-of-the-art facilities

  1. The company offers employees a scientifically inclined environment with highly qualified staff that operates at the cutting edge of synthetic, analytical and theoretical chemistry
  2. Chromachemie offers exposure to a wide range of chemistries, reactions, and molecules by virtue of the nature of work, and in addition to this varied research experience, there is also exposure to the highest echelons of research in the pharmaceutical industry
  3. Access to a state-of-the-art lab with world-class facilities ensure that employees are that the top of the field in terms of knowledge and experience

Inclusive and family-like work culture

  1. With a family environment at work, the culture is one of understanding and respect, which motivates employees to do their best
  2. Learning (even through mistakes) is encouraged with mentorship and guidance from colleagues and seniors
  3. An inclusive spirit among employees, nurtured by example from leadership has led to an organically grown strong diversity ratio
  4. The culture of learning enables career growth. People who joined us are now heading key departments at Chromachemie, and many alumni have occupied top positions at other organizations.
  5. Community efforts centered around education, and enabling and empowering under privileged groups
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