Customer User Forum in Hyderabad!

Chromachemie Laboratory Private Limited conducted another Customer User Forum in Hyderabad city.

Conducting such events is an excellent way for Chromachemie Laboratory Private Limited to connect with their customers and gather feedback on their products and services and provide a platform for customers to share their experiences and suggestions, which #Chromachemie can use to improve their offerings.The support and involvement of the United States Pharmacopeia USP India  Team is also significant, as it is a globally recognized organization that sets quality standards for medicines and healthcare products. Their support added credibility to the event and provided attendees with valuable insights into industry standards and regulations.

Overall, the Customer User Forum would have been an excellent opportunity for Chromachemie to strengthen its relationship with customers and showcase its commitment to providing high-quality products and services.

We want to thank our team (Suri Rao | Ravichandra Reddy | NAGARAJ GOUD |  Dr.Malladi Srinivas | Dr. Prava ) for executing this forum.