HPLC and UPLC Columns

Puritas BIO 300Å C-4



Puritas BIO 300 C-4 phases are bonded with butyl groups and show moderate hydrophobicity. They are suited for the separation of peptides and proteins. Especially, larger pore silicas with less surface area are used to avoid denaturation of proteins. These phases are also useful for separating components within a wide range of hydrophobicity in one shot.

Key Features

  • Recommended for biological separations
  • Quick separation of samples with wide range of hydrophobicity



Average particle size *) 5.0μm
Average pore size 300Å
Specific surface area (m2/g) 100
Average pore volume (ml/g) 0.9
Particle size distribution (D40/D90) 3

*)The Specification of particle size and physical properties are those of base silicagel



APPLICATION: LYSOZYME AND BSA 4.6mm x 250mm, 300Å, 5µm

Chromachemie Proprietary information




Mobile phase:
A. 0.05%TFA in H2O:ACN (80:20)
B. 0.05%TFA in H2O:ACN (40:60)
Gradient: 0-100% B in 20 min
Detection: UV, 220nm

1. Lysozyme
2. Albumin (Bovine)

Ordering Information


Product code Column Dimensions Particle Size (µm) Bonding Phase
PB04-05-300-250 250mm x 4.6mm 5 C4
PB04-05-300-150 150mm x 4.6mm 5 C4
PB04-05-300-100 100mm x 4.6mm 5 C4
PB04-05-300-050 50mm x 4.6mm 5 C4
PB04-10-300-250 250mm x 4.6mm 10 C4