HPLC and UPLC Columns

Puritas BIO 300Å C-18



PURITAS BIO C18 phases are bonded with octadecyl groups and are fully end capped. They are recommended for larger molecules such as proteins with higher hydrophobicity and bulky molecules which are too difficult for separations. PURITAS BIO C18 phases are available in particle sizes of 5, 10 and 15 microns for both analytical as well as preparative applications.

Key Features

  • Recommended for highly hydrophobic bulky molecules
  • Most versatile wide pore reversed phase with high coverage and exhaustive end capping
  • Enhanced Mechanical stability
  • Exceptional Batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • Suitable for scale up and packing with dynamic axial compression columns under very high pressure



Average particle size *) 5.0μm
Average pore size 300Å
Specific surface area (m2/g) 100
Average pore volume (ml/g) 0.9
Particle size distribution (D40/D90) 6.5

*)The Specification of particle size and physical properties are those of base silicagel



APPLICATION: LYSOZYME AND BSA 4.6mm x 250mm, 300Å, 5µm

Chromachemie Proprietary information




Mobile phase:
A. 0.05%TFA in H2O:ACN (80:20)
B. 0.05%TFA in H2O:ACN (40:60)
Gradient: 0-100% B in 20 min
Detection: UV, 220nm

1. Lysozyme
2. Albumin (Bovine)

Ordering Information


Product code Column Dimensions Particle Size (µm) Bonding Phase
PB18-05-300-250 250mm x 4.6mm 5 C18
PB18-05-300-150 150mm x 4.6mm 5 C18
PB18-05-300-100 100mm x 4.6mm 5 C18
PB18-05-300-050 50mm x 4.6mm 5 C18
PB18-10-300-250 250mm x 4.6mm 10 C18