ATCC Products


Chromachemie offers extensive collection of ATCC products and services manufactured under ISO certification and accreditation.


Features & Benefits

ATCC supports scientific advancements in academic, government, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food, agricultural, and industrial segments worldwide with industry-standard products, services, and innovative solutions. Its services and custom solutions include cell and microbial culturing and authentication, development and production of controls and derivatives, proficiency testing, and biomaterial deposit services.


The collection includes:

  • Human and animal cell lines
  • Continuous, primary, immortalized, and stem cells
  • Cell and microbial derivatives
  • Culture media and reagents culture media
  • Molecular genomic tools, microorganisms, and biological products

ATCC media are uniquely formulated according to cell-growth recommendations of original cell line depositors and ATCC cell culture specialists. In some cases, media formulations differ slightly from other commercially available equivalents. Using ATCC media is the best way to guarantee robust cell growth, ensuring that you'll have a supply of cells when you need them.

ATCC Microbiology

ATCC Cell Biology

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Credit: David Goulding, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Credit: David Gregory & Debbie Marshall