HPLC and UPLC Columns

Puritas Eximius C-18



The Puritas Eximius represents a high performance ODS phase based on a new generation of silica gel developed to show long peak retention and high loadability, as a result of its exceptionally high surface area.

The ODS bonding density is chosen with respect to optimal selectivity for both hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds, enabling even the use of 100% aqueous eluents. Our proprietary end capping technology minimizes residual silanol groups amount below the detectable level. This result in very good peak symmetry, particularly in case of basic compounds and exhibits high chemical phase robustness.

Puritas ODS series is available with particle sizes of 2.1, 3, 5, 10 and 15 microns for both analytical as well as preparative applications.

Key Feature

  • Ultra high purity silica
  • High surface area and optimum porosity
  • Narrow pore size distribution
  • Superior Loadability and Surface Area Accessibility
  • Easy Scale Up and Availability in Large Quantity
  • Mechanical Strength of Base Silica
  • Higher pH stability
  • Superior performance for both hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds
  • Minimal silanol activity due to our new proprietary end capping technology