Chromachemie is the authorized distributor for COSMOSIL range of HPLC columns in India and the Exclusive distributor in India for COSMOSIL Specialty HPLC columns manufactured by Nacalai Tesque, Japan.

Nacalai Tesque is one of the leading Global manufacturer of HPLC columns under the brand name COSMOSIL. The COSMOSIL range of columns are extensively used in the Pharmaceutical industry and have been listed in all the global Pharmacopeias like USP, EP, BP,IP etc. The bulk chromatography media of COSMOSIL is also available for use in process purifications.

The range of CIOSMOSIL columns and bulk media is given below.

1 Reversed Phase Specialty Columns: Cholester,PBr,PFP,πNAP,PYE,NPE
2 Reversed Phase C18 Series: C18-MS-II,C18-AR-II,C18-PAQ,C18-EB,COSMOCORE 2.6C18
3 Other Reversed Phase Columns: CN-MS,C22-AR-II,C8-MS,C4-MS,TMS-MS,PE-MS
4 Chiral Separation Columns: CHiRAL Series
5 Normal Phase Columns: SL-II
6 Hydrophilic Interaction Columns: HILIC
7 Mono - and Oligosaccharide Analysis Columns: Sugar-D,NH2-MS
8 Protein Separation Columns:
Reversed Phase Columns C18-AR-300,C8-AR-300,C4-AR-300,Ph-AR-300
Gel Filtration Columns (Aqueous) Diol-120-II,Diol-300-II,Diol-1000-II
Ion Exchange Columns COSMOGEL IEX Series
Hydrophobic Interaction Columns HIC
9 Fullerene Separation Columns: Buckyprep,Buckyprep-D,Buckyprep-M,PBB
10 Soluble Carbon Nanotube Separation Columns: CNT-300,CNT-1000,CNT-2000
11 SFC(Supercritical Fluid Chromatography) Columns: SFC Column Series
12 Preparative Packing Materials for Column Chromatography:
Reversed Phase Packing Materials(C18-OPN,C18-PREP)
Normal Phase Packing Materials

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Nacalai Tesque also manufactures reagents, fine chemicals, cell culture media, analytical kits apart from the COSMOSIL columns. Download product catalogues

Nacalai Tesque range of products are used in the Pharmaceutical Industry, food industry, CROs and research laboratories worldwide.